Product Distribution

    We are an established organization of both exclusive and non-exclusive sales team that covers primarily southern region of Malaysia, also to the rest of the country via Modern Trade supermarkets and sub-distributors. We thrive in distributing various products be it local brands, global brands or start-up brands with our extensive network in our area of coverage. In many of our agencies, we work closely with our principal partners to customize sales force organization with specific capabilities to suit the requirements of the brands. We are extremely agile and we recognize that there are different needs from different brand owners, and our expertise is to provide the perfect solution to grow your business.

    Product Wholesaling

    We are one of the biggest general wholesaler in the southern region of Malaysia. Our Synergy Team covers a wide range of channels which include supermarket, sundry provision, Chinese Medical Hall, mini market, petrol kiosk, other wholesalers and etc. We carry various products from various categories in food, beverage, toiletries, skin care, fabric care, household care and etc. Our sheer ability to distribute and presence in local supermarkets make us the ideal partner to develop a brand.


    We manage both in-house and principal funded merchandisers to ensure the products that we carry command a presence in selling floors. We see merchandising as important as selling because they are the one ensuring the products we carry generates offtake. We are also open to explore merchandising services exclusively for principals to cover specific channels on national level.

    Supply Chain

    We provide professional supply chain solutions whether it is warehousing, logistics and even the total route-to-market solutions. We currently have distribution centres in Johor Bahru, Melaka and Selangor with a logistic fleet size of approximately 60 delivery trucks. We are in expanding mode and we are keen to invest in more infrastructure to serve the industry better.

    Market Expansion

    With our complete infrastructure and capabilities in FMCG industry, we are the ideal partner to build brands, whether it is for better distribution, execution or modern trade management.  If you see potential in your products but lacks of a strategic partner to help you put the products on shelves, we may be the right partner. If you own brands that don’t have a presence in Malaysia, we have the capabilities to provide the market expansion for you. If you are an established brand but you are looking to close the gaps that you current have in your distribution model, let’s have a chat with us!